Asset Management Module

VantgatePoint Asset Management Module gives you a 360-degree view of your assets with allocation to users and maintenance track record. Its flexible platform solves real asset management problems from identifying trends, spotting fault trends, depreciation value, automating reminders, increasing efficiency, reducing costs, providing support tools to manage your organisational assets as and when required. This on-demand, cloud enabled Asset Management Module is here to help you achieve your business goals.

The Asset Management Module can be expanded and seamlessly integrated with Procurement, HR and Finance Module of VantagePoint. It also supports integration with other ERP solutions such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics etc for very cost effective Asset Management.


Asset Amortization
  • Definition of the assets
  • Supports any asset or asset type
  • Handles a variety of assets from basic electronics like laptops to vehicles and heavy equipment
  • Fixed assets
  • Acquisition price
  • Accounting evaluation
  • Captures descriptive and informational data for analysis and reporting
  • Use existing Bar Code and generate new Bar Codes
  • Maintain Serial Numbers
  • Amortisation
    • Temporary or percentage amortisation
    • Amortisation plans
    • Support multi-currency
  • Asset allocation to users
    • Return reminders
    • Overdue assets
  • Asset Maintenance
  • Comprehensive Reporting


  • Replace assets at optimum economic end-of-life
  • Track all assets that is allocated to users
  • Track assets that is lost, consumed or damaged
  • Prioritize replacement of assets
  • Get complete value of depreciated assets per year


Q: Does this support asset booking system?

A: Yes, the module allows registered users to request for an asset booking. The booking methodology can be automated or by approval by designated staff. This feature can be embedded in your organisation website.

Q: What are the implementation options available?

A: The system can be implemented on-site or hosted by Connect Seven Solution Sdn Bhd. The module is completely web-based and all the users require is a browser.